Saturday, May 30, 2009


What do you call someone who has known you for (almost) twenty-two years? Who has celebrated your biggest triumphs, and help your hand for your biggest failures?

Who stays up giggling with you at 2 in the morning, telling eachother secrets about boys that you've never told anyone before, worrying the whole time that you'll wake everybody else up? Who lets you use her toothbrush when you forgot yours on vacation? Who has to have a fan on or she can't fall asleep?

Who does Dance Workout With Barbie with you even when you're both in college?

Who pulls a sleeping bag over both your heads and tells you to run around the room and dive across your beds? Who is more concerned about mom finding out about the sleeping bags than she is about the blood coming from your forehead after you ran into the nightstand?

Who cries with you in the middle of a busy airport so you don't have to cry alone?

Who saves up with you for a year to go in together on the Polly Pocket town you've both been wanting? Who typed up a bunch of poems you wrote in elementary school as a birthday present for you one year?

Who is more fun than any one person deserves to be?

Who gives you private dancing lessons when you're nervous before your first Dance? Who helps you plan, pick out, and write down the outfits you should wear to a week of EFY, including such details as hairstyles and toenail polish?

Who always lets you be the girl even though it means she has to be the boy?

Who only lets you have a half piece of gum because she wants it to last? Who flies to Savannah to suprise you for your last year of All State Chorus?

Who can push you onto the ground with one finger?

Who helps you make iron-on t-shirts for a girls' trip to Disney World? Who belts harmonies with you in the car? Who knows how to make you laugh better than anybody else? Who knows how to make you mad better than anybody too?

Who stand up for you when some girls are mean to you?

Who doesn't return your shirt after she's borrowed it going on three years? Who drives to your house to pick you up because you needed to get out? Who plays the piano for you just so you can sing your favorite songs? Who has you both claim dibs on favorite baby names when you're both still in high school?

Who is moving 2,000 miles away from you in less than three weeks?

And who you're going to miss more than you can possibly say?

Some people call her my big sister.
I call her my best friend.

Firemen's Breakfast

There is nothing quite like waking up early on a Saturday morning to the sound of sirens. Many, many, many sirens... There is also nothing quite like knowing that those sirens can mean only one thing... That it's time for the Annual PGFD Firemen's Breakfast!!

Having never lived in Pleasant Grove before, I've never had the chance to experience this hometown tradition before! But the Haynies go every year, and I got to go with them. Basically, it was amazing! ...Hash browns, eggs, ham, and pancakes served up by well-built firefighters is not a bad way to spend one's morning, let me tell you! I definitely didn't complain!

And since we all know how much I love impromptu photo shoots, let's celebrate the fact that we got plenty of pictures to document the occasion!!

Cailey, me, Courtney, Dillon, and Gabe... enjoying our breakfast!Courtney and her precious little men! We freakin' LOVE firetrucks!!!!!!Aww... how precious!!
Everybody needs a picture clinging to the side of a parked firetruck!
Drive on, Gabe! Drive on! Peek-a-boo!

Thank you, Haynies, for sharing this delightful tradition with me!! I loved it and I LOVE you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FUNdamentally FUNderful!!

After our GA girls reunion, I went to Boondocks with some friends. It was a BLAST!!! (Much better than Dixieland Fun Park at home)... I went with Brent Gray, his brother, Gary, and Gary's fiance, Sara! What a hoot!!! We played a ridiculous round of mini-golf, rode go-karts, and did a bunch of arcade games! It's been years since I did any of that stuff, and MAN, have I been missing out!!

Brent, me, Gary, and Sara (waiting for go-karts) Sara and Gary, sword-fighting with their putters!
Brent & Katie = King (& Queen) of the Rock!!
The four of us acting our ages... almost!
Hooray for having fun! Note to self: do it more often!!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-hun!!!

So on Memorial Day, some of my best friends growing up and I had our 2nd Annual Reunion at Zupas in Provo! Heather, Stephanie, Sarah, Rikki, and I had such a fun time catching up on life! These are so many exciting things going on, so many big changes being made for all of us... it's a really neat time

It's also bitter sweet. Stephanie is in Idaho, and in August Rikki will be movig to New Jersey and I'll be going to St. George. We won't be able to do these little impromptu reunions even. It rally makes me think about how blessed I am to have had such wonderful friends! I love, respect, and admire these ladies more than i can say, and I truly cherish the memories we've shared!!!

You can't really expect us to just take a serious picture, can you?!?!?

Drama Queen

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to reunite with my students and mentor teacher from Lehi High School! They held their end-of-year Drama Banquet at the Skyroom on BYU Campus. It is quite the formal affair, with most kids in prom dresses and guys in tuxes or suits! Very fun! Very classy! Any excuse to get all dolled up, right?!? Here are a few pictures from the night:

A handful of my students, mostly from my Drama 3 class!Kali Ray and I (my stage manager for the One Act I directed)All my students... I love them SO much!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bronze Statues = Brilliant Idea

Once upon a time (last night), my cousin, Kendra Haynie, and I drove to a friend's wedding reception, held at an art museum. When we arrived there, we discovered a number of GIANT bronze statues scattered in the grass. Being the mature, responsible, respectful young ladies that we are, we decided NOT to disturb them... and by that, I mean we totally used them as the opportunity for a photo shoot! We did exercise restraint by only choosing one each... (there were a couple dozen, so this really IS an accomplishment worth noting!)

Don't lie. Don't judge. And don't hate. You KNOW you would have done the exact same thing!!! How could we resist?!?!?

We tried to act dignified, despite the fact that we were on top of giant metal animals several times larger than those found in nature! And then we stopped trying and just got to know our new friends better!
By the end of the five minute shoot, we were clearly exhausted and ready to rest our heads against our giant bronze friends!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food and Photo Shoots

Tonight, two of my best friends from my childhood and I went to dinner at Noodles! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! I was so delicious and mostly so great to catch up with them! It is hard to believe how long we've been friends and have all lived within a few minutes of eachother (21 years... minus a few in between). And now, at the end of the Summer, that's going to change, as we start our own lives.

So I figured it would be good to not just get a picture in the restaurant, but to have a mini photo shoot against the cute brick wall across the parking lot! SO glad I did, as each one turned out totally frameable! Enjoy!




Have I mentioned that I LOVE these girls and am so happy to have them in my life?!?!?

Monday, May 4, 2009

We're Gonna Party Like It's Prom 2009!!!

This past Saturday, I chaperoned Lehi High School's Prom with the help of my friend, Jason! I'd forgotten how much fun dressing up and twirling around like a princess could be! But let me tell you, it is a riot!!! I had an absolute blast, and could not have had a better time if I tried!

Jason never went to Prom when he was in high school, so we tried to give him the complete experience, including having his roomate take our pictures before we could take off! Here are some pictures from the night:

Me and Jason, all dressed up! A classic... the jumping shot!
(No need to point out that I clearly out-jumped Jason, right?!?!?)
A little pre-Prom dancing!
Dinner at Gloria's Little Italy... good pasta and yummy gelato! Mmm!!
Two of my students, Brynne and Brad!More students... Lindsey, Aaron, Troy, and Cree!
Yet even more students!!! (Kayli, Evan, Ammon, and Jackie)
The moral of this story is... if you ever get the chance to go to Prom as a 21-year-old-former-student-teacher-turned-chaperone, you should!!! It is much more fun the grown-up time around!!!

Our Amazing Race!!!

Three weeks ago, I flew back to Georgia for about 24 hours so that Mama and I could road trip across the country to bring the truck out to Utah for me. We took our time, visiting cousins along the way, and basically spent the good part of 5 straight days in a tiny truck without cruise control... It is important for me to also mention that the truck is a stick... which I learned how to drive at 2 am the night mom got me from the airport... 24 hours before we started out on our adventure! I'll use the help of some super cute pictures in documenting our very own Amazing Race!

Here's how Mama and I both feel, right before setting off on the trip!!!
When we left Peachtree City Friday morning, we drove west, through Alabama and Mississippi. There was not much to see except for trees, until we came to this: The Mississippi River!!! It divides Mississippi and Louisiana, and is MUCH wider than this picture gives it credit for!!Once we hit Louisiana, it started pouring. Three hours of bumper-to-bumper trafic meant that our twelve-ish hour leg of the race was closer to 15... and we were exhausted and grumpy when we made it to Aunt Karen's house in Dallas that night! Good thing Karen has cute kids, comfy beds, and makes a delicious breakfast!!!

Uncle Glen even came to see us while we were there for the night!
After Karen's yummy breakfast Saturday morning, Mama and I headed off for Lubbock, TX. What's so exciting about Lubbock that we had to make a detour to go there??? Why, three sets of cousins who all have precious little families, of course! How could we not stop?!?!?

We got to Lubbock just in time to eat dinner with Austin and Cristina (and Taggart and Lilian), and Lindsey and Dave (and Eli and Haven). I haven't seen them (minus Austin and Lindsey) in years, so it was wonderful to catch up!!

Mama and I spent the night with Austin and Cristina!
On Sunday, we went to Church with Dave and Lindsey, where Haven and I bonded during Sacrament meeting!
Then right after church, we went to visit Chelsea and Shawn! Callie sang "Happy Birthday" to us, but was very disappointed when I changed out of my 'princess dress' to put on more comfortable clothes for the car!
After we left Shawn and Chelsea's, we took off again, towards New Mexico. We found these in a gas station right before we left Texas and just had to take a picture!!!

Nothing says "Texas" like a cowboy hat and a mini license plate!!!
We spent Sunday night in New Mexico and set out once more on Monday, into Arizona. After driving around in the middle of treeless nowhere for hours, we stumbled upon this... The Colorado River! At this part (a famous Navajo Bridge), it's called Glen Canyon, but downstream, the river becomes the Grand Canyon! Again, this was SO much cooler in real life!!

Here's me and the river! Nice photography, Mama!
After driving several more hours of driving, we made it to St. George, Utah, on Monday afternoon! My cousin, Aubrey, met us for dinner and gave us a tour of the city! We found the new school I will be teaching at, the mall (very important!), the temple, and lots of other fun stuff, including... AN APARTMENT for me to live in!!! Hooray!

This is me, Mama, and Aubrey in front of the temple!
Tuesday morning, we visited my new school to see my classroom, get some questions answered, and meet some of the teachers! It was wonderful! The school is such a great facility, the teachers and staff seem welcoming and happy, and my principal is as kind and fun as ever! Best of all, though, is that I found out our school mascot it... wait for it... wait for it... a T-REX!!!! Is that not the best mascot ever!?!?!?!

This is me and my new principal, Bob Sonju, in front of the school!
We got back to Provo Tuesday afternoon in time for some shopping and even some frozen yogurt with my the Haynie cousins!!! All in all, we had a blast, even if we didn't win a million dollars for racing ourselves cross-country and winning!!! Who needs that money, anyway?!?!?

Oh, wait. I do!