Friday, May 28, 2010

Friends Photo Shoot

Here's a video I made with the pictures from the photo shoot I mentioned a bit ago!

I think they turned out great, and I thought a video (courtesy of iMovie on my brand new Mac!!) would be the most fun way to share them...

Plus it gave me the chance to try out several programs on my new laptop I hadn't used yet!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grumpy Girl.

The only thing better than getting your car out of the shop after two weeks and $2600 worth of repairs?

Having it towed back to the shop four days later.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Katie & The Kitten

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Katie. Katie had a great life and was very happy, but she felt like something was missing. After a few weeks of trying to figure it out, Katie realized that she wanted a kitten.

But Katie was not a big animal person and wasn't 100% sure if that was a wise decision. So she decided that if she still wanted one in six weeks, she could have one.

Well, last Friday, Katie passed the six week mark and she got her kitten!

She was 7 1/2 weeks old and the runt in her litter. Katie decided to name her Tigerlily.

Katie was very excited to have her new kitten!

Katie and Tigerlily spent the whole weekend getting to know eachother...

They explored lots of exciting places in the apartment!

They played games and got a little crazy!

They even gave eachother back rubs!

They had so much fun that they had to take a few naps!

And before they knew it, they were best friends!

When Monday morning came and Katie had to go to work and knew she couldn't be with her kitten until very late that night, they were both very sad! They can't wait until Katie gets home so she can play with Tigerlily!

(And just for the record, these ladies are totally gonna live happily ever after!)

The end.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Woman!

Today is Mother's Day, and I can't stop thinking about this incredible lady I know.

Her name is Andrea.  She is smart, funny, patient, strong, compassionate, organized, and sassy.

She taught me many, many things... like the importance of loving dark chocolate, how to keep a budget, and that everything looks better tan!

She has been there for every success and every struggle I have ever encountered, and her love has been an anchor throughout my life.

She has shaped my life in ways she doesn't even know.

I am so greatful for this beautiful woman, for her wisdom, her kindness, and her goodness.

I am so glad she is my Mama!

Happy Mother's Day!  I love you!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Borrowed Wisdom

I have a great friend named Susie.  We were RAs together years ago, in Heritage Halls.  I haven't seen her in a long time, but I blog stalk her from time to time.  I found the following post that she wrote back in October, but that I'd never read until tonight.

I can't help but be struck by her wisdom and the truth that she shares, and how applicable it is to where I'm at in my life right now.  I needed to read this tonight.  And since Susie expresses it so much better than I ever could, I'll just quote her...  Here's the original post from her blog!  ENJOY!

"Life. It’s full of choices.

But one of the things I’ve learned recently is that sometimes you have to step a little out into the dark before the light comes. What I mean by that is sometimes we have to choose without the complete assurance that we’re making the right decision.

I think of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Harrison Ford reaches the “leap of faith.” He has to step out off of a ledge, and it’s only after that he sees the platform. The same thing happens for some of the decisions in our lives, and usually the most important ones (which can be very frustrating).

So why is that? Well, in my opinion (and as I’ve alluded to in past entries) it’s not so much about whether we’re making the right decision, but that we’re making a right decision—we have to be proactive about the path our life is taking. If our fates were predetermined, then sure…we’d have to search for that one right decision. But a choice isn't about searching, it's about doing. We have been blessed with the gift of personal agency and thereby have become the masters of our own destinies. We make the decisions. We travel the paths. We create our own lives.

That’s not to say that we can’t have help or that we aren’t influenced by outside sources. But regardless, we’re here to choose and we have the ability to do it. What a wonderful thing!

But how terrifying, right? That lack of assurance when making a decision can paralyze us with fear (it does me, anyway). It would just be so nice and easy if the consequences of each decision was illuminated before us. However, that’s not how it works. It’s times like these when faith really needs to be applied. Faith in others. Faith in ourselves. Faith in God.

It’s now my opinion that sometimes, you just have to jump. Jump, and have faith that you’ll be able to handle the consequences that follow. Obviously, work out as much as you can—see as far into the darkness as your perspective will allow. But once you’ve done all you can do, don’t hold yourself back from progression with unnecessary fear. Instead, see the jump as an adventure and know that it’s usually you who turns a decision into the right one."

Thank you, Susie, for your faith and your testimony.  And for the wonderful woman that you are.  I love you and am greatful to know you!

Mocktail Party!

Last Friday, my awesome friends threw me a Mocktail Party to celebrate One Year!

It was SO fun!

Sarina and I made some yummy hors d'oeuvres... Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Caprese on a Stick, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries!  YUM!!!

Mitch was the "Bartender," and was serving up non-alcholohic strawberry daquiris, pometinis, and mojitos all night long!

As per the invitations, everybody was dressed "schnazzy," and we had a blast socializing and acting elegantly snobby!  How posh!  (And silly!)

I am thankful for great friends who made sure I can always count on for a wonderful time!  I am a really, really lucky girl!

Oh. Sick.

A student threw up all over the carpet in my classroom.

She did not make it to the trash.

There was a trail of it going all the way out the door.

It did not smell very good.

Contrary to every instinct I have, I did not throw up too.

I helped her to the bathroom.

I grabbed extra trash cans in case anyone else needed to follow her lead.

I came back in and calmed the rest of the class down.

Class went on (on the opposite side of the room).

The janitors came and cleaned it up.

I'm proud of myself for being an adult.

Now all that's left is a CAUTION sign on my floor, and a brainfull of visual images that made it nearly impossible to eat lunch.

Life Lately!

It's been a while since I posted, and a LOT has happened!  Here's a quick update... more pictures and details are coming... but here's a taste of what I've been up to!

I finished this play:

Got a visit from these amazing people:

Hung out twice with these beautiful ladies:

Had a party to celebrate one year of this:

Played with these adorable girls:

Got hired as an Assistant Manager at this cute store:

Was suprised with an Unbirthday Party by these precious kids:

I had a fancy photo shoot with this great photographer:

And spent a few days feeling like this:

All in all, it's been a really great couple of weeks!