Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Bunch of Birthday Bashes!

There are few things in life as wonderful as your birthday... except maybe having the celebrations for said birthday drawn out over the course of an entire week!!! That's what happened to me, my friends! And it was spectacular!

Sunday night- 3D chalk set from my friend, Brent!Monday night- dinner with friends!
Tuesday morning- birthday suprise at work!!
Balloons, streamers, and a tiara!!! Thanks girlies!
AND... the yummiest perfume EVER!
Tuesday night- dinner with Erin & Justin!
(And presents from Mom & Dad! THANKS!!) (This very serious picture is for you, mama!) Friday night- birthday dinner with my cute cousins! And last but not least, tonight is my final celebration... a SUPRISE evening with Justin & Erin... they are really good secret keepers, which means that I have NO CLUE what's in store! But I am EXCITED!!!

I Don't Wanna Work!

... I just wanna bang on me drum all day!?!?!?!

That, or buy a giant foam mini-golf set and create a human put-put course!!! This was probably WAY too much fun that we should have been having!
But I guess it's hard to get in trouble for not working when your boss is the one hitting a ball at you, even if you are being a human windmill!!