Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can't Sleep!

Tomorrow night at 6pm is my school's choir concert. And... suprise, suprise... I can't sleep!

Stupid stress.

Oh well! I'm a little worried, but I know on the whole, it's going to be great! I'm mostly just ready for this to be done! Any prayers or wishes of luck in behalf of me and my 90-some students (and their changing/cracking 12-year-old voices) would be greatly appreciated!

In specatular news... I'm super excited to have a special visitor... my MAMA!!! She showed up on my doorstep this afternoon, with some help from Barry! :) What a WONDERFUL suprise! Thanks, Mama! And other family members for keeping the secret! It was a shock!

And a much needed one at that! Today was definitely a get-a-hug-from-your-mom day!

I will let you know how the concert goes soon... and will post pics that I've taken of the awesome adventure that is my life!