Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas List!

And in 3 DAYS, that dream will come true!!!!
And in 3 DAYS that dream will come true!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is Coming Early!

Apparently, December is on board with the whole "being awesome" plan, and is really trying to make up for the crap November pulled... because it's been a GREAT month so far!  Great classes, great rehearsals, great friends, great music, great fun, AND great presents!

I guess there's some Christmas magic at work because the 12 Days of Christmas have apparently gone December edition on me... and we're 3 for 3 on the gift front!

I doubt this will really last another 4 weeks, but in the meantime, feel free to sing along...

On the 1st day of December, my Miranda gave to me...
a candle and a box chocolate-y!

On the 2nd day of December, my Peter gave to me...
2 glitter TOMS
[and a candle and a box chocolate-y]

On the 3rd day of December, my Macie gave to me...
a 3-colored Seuss stuffed animal
[2 glitter TOMS]
[and a candle and a box chocolate-y]

I feel like I should think of someone to pass on a present/some holiday cheer to asap!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

November has been a really hard month for me!  I feel like I've been repeatedly kicked while I'm down, so to speak.  And I am so sick of it... between a break-up, a death in the community, a sinus infection, pnuemonia, cancer in the family, auditions for the musical, Scott joining the Army, a car wreck, and some really tough stuff at school, I've had about all I can handle.

It was a hard 4+ weeks, and I am SO thankful for Thanksgiving Break, and for the chance it gave me to recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I needed the South!  I needed my family!  I needed Chick-fil-A!  And I needed a break!

I got all of those things and more this past week!  It was SO wonderful!  Even better than I had hoped for!

I went to Dallas to my Aunt Karen's house.  My parents and little sister came to meet us, as did my Uncle Glen and my grandparents!  My cousin Lindsey even kept her 3 kids at Karen's an extra day just so I could see her before heading back home for Thanksgiving!

We went to the zoo, ate yummy food, played games, did a session at the temple, watched football, talked, sang, and had a blast!

Here are a few highlights:

Claire, Lindsey, & Me

Favorite Picture EVER!

My cousin Lindsey's cute kiddos!

Dad sharing a treat with a new friend!

Confession: I was a little scared of the giraffes.
Both ridiculous and embarrassing. 

We have a family tradition that involves Dad paying us kids $1 to jump into cold water any time it's an option.  My Grandpa and uncles thought this was a great idea and pitched in to raise the pot to $13.  I was not allowed to participate because of my pneumonia, but Claire went for it!

This was my first time to the Dallas Temple!  It was really beautiful and I loved being there with family! Going to a temple is always a wonderful experience, and this was no exception!

Me, my parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle!

Mama, Me & Dad

Claire and I had the fun chance to really get to know each other more this trip!  I left home 5 1/2 years ago, when she was still a little kid, and have not spent more than a month or so at a time with her since.  Being so far away from her, especially in these crazy years she's going through, is tough!  But she and I shared a room (and bed!) at Karen's, and we had so much fun!  As much as I missed Erin and Scott, I was glad Claire and I were the only siblings there.  She has grown up SO much and is an amazing little lady!  I admire her spunk, her maturity, her positive outlook, and her love for little children!  Love you, girly!

We painted our nails!

Saturday morning, my dad's cousin, Lucy, and my second cousins Tara and Sidney (and their families) came over for brunch!  It was so fun to see everybody!  Tara and I have had a few chances this past year to really get to know one another and I loved getting to see her, even if it was just for a couple hours!

Tara, Mama, me & Crumpa

Saturday afternoon, one of my favorite people, Sis. MacArthur, picked my up to take me to lunch and then drop me off at the airport.  She was one of my Young Women's leaders back in the day and she and her family moved to Dallas a couple years ago!  It was a very fun semi-spontaneous surprise and I loved the chance to reconnect!

Sis. MacArthur & her little girls!

Then, on top of everything else, I have had a wonderful three days since I've been home thanks to some great friends, both old and new!

So long, November!  Thanks for redeeming yourself!

December... just warning you... You're gonna be GREAT!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Am I Earring Thingsh?"

Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Livin' the Dream

Finished Seussical Jr. auditions today.

Made 2 kids cry during the auditions.

Posted the callback list tonight.

Made 1 mama mad (that I know of so far).

Got the nasty email to prove it.

Will post the cast list by Saturday morning.

Will make about 80 kids happy then.

Will crush about 70 kids' dreams.

Will make a lot of their mamas mad.

Probably getting more emails.

It's gonna be an interesting weekend.

Super [control] Freak!

Life gets crazy sometimes...

Often, it's not what we had planned or even anticipated.  We have so much less control than we'd like to believe... and as someone who thrives off a sense of control, I can, with some difficulty, admit what a scary realization that is!

Nothing scares me more than things beyond my control...  I mean, there's NOTHING you can do about those things!

You can't fix them.  Or check them off a list.  Or accomplish them.

But I do know that, when things get tough or crazy, and I feel completely helpless, there is Someone who IS in control.  And His plans are so much bigger and broader and BETTER than my own.

The peace and comfort that I feel simply by remembering that changes everything.  Not because the circumstances are different, but because my perspective is different.

I mean, He even commands us not to freak out about those things, when He counsels us: "Peace, be still."

Elder Maxwell said: "Our total dependence on God requires us to completely relinquish our own will, our own plans to Him... The submission of one's will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God's altar.  The many other things we 'give' are actually the things He has already given or loaned to us.  However, when you and I finally submit ourselves, by letting our individual wills be swallowed up in God's will, then we are really giving something to Him!  It is the only possession which is truly our to give!"

Apparently, I need to learn how to let go and submit my will to His, trusting in His plans, and having faith that all will work out as He means for it to.

My dad shared this quote with me today: "Life is not the way it's 'supposed' to be - it's the way it IS.  The way you cope with it makes the difference."

Attitude is everything.

And this is one control freak who is choosing to have a more peaceful attitude... because my attitude (my will & the way I choose to cope) is the only thing I truly CAN control!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Right now...

I am loving THIS [not-so-] little boy...

... and feeling OH-SO-GRATEFUL for these girls...

... and REALLY missing this Mama!!!

Hurrah for Halloween!

Note to self:

A nineteen dollar wig may NOT fit as advertised!

But with some scissors, a straightener, and some patience, you can make it work anyway!  And you can ROCK IT as Barbie for Halloween!

Your students will LOVE your pink shoes, skirt, top, headband, earrings, and nail polish!  But even more than that, they will love the fact that you keep your fingers together all day, smile constantly, walk without bending your knees, and talk in HER voice all day!

Well done, self!  Well done!

This year's get-up might have been your best yet!

Although this little boy's is TOO CUTE to compete with: 

"Did I do that!?!"

And don't forget THIS dashing young couple!  They look like something straight out of a musical!  Maybe that's because their costumes are?!?!?

Hope y'all had a hurrah-ble Halloween too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Excited!

Monday, October 11, 2010

For the Love!

So, I have a kid with Autism in one of my classes.  He's pretty great.  Every day is an adventure, to say the least!  For the purposes of this story, we'll call his name "Trevor."

Last week, we were playing a game in class called Psychiatrist.  In it, the entire class has a problem (the same problem) and two people are the psychiatrists, asking yes/no questions to figure out what's wrong with them.  Problems are things like: you think you're the person on your right, or you think you are Oprah.  Stuff like that.

Well, Trevor was getting really upset with our psychiatrists because it was taking them so long to figure our problem out.  He kept shaking, or balling up his fists, and getting angry because he thought it was taking them way too long!  I tried to calm him down a bit and we had a quiet chat as the game continued.

Here's what our conversation looked like:

Trevor: "Ugh!  Seriously, guys!  What's wrong with you?"

[Trevor buries his head in his hands and starts shaking.]

Me: "Trevor, calm down for just a sec.  This is a tough game and they're trying really hard!"

Trevor: "It is NOT that hard!  I mean... I know what our problem is!"

Me: "Well that's probably because you're in on the secret."

[Trevor thinks for a second then shakes his head.]

Trevor: "No.  I don't think that's it."

Me: "Oh.  Well then it's probably because they're just not as smart as you!"

[Trevor stops shaking long enough to consider that, and then resumes shaking, this time with fists clenched, hands even with his shoulders.]

Trevor: "Obviously!!"

[Ten seconds later.. the frustration is still building.  The psychiatrists are SO CLOSE, and yet SO FAR from figuring it out.  Trevor slams his hands down on the ground and yells.]


Oh.  My.  Loved that moment.  LOVED IT.
New favorite catch phrase.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Silly Sleepover!

I had't had a slumber party in about 10 years... until last Saturday, that is!

Bron has 5 girl cousins between the ages of 10 and 14.  And we totally had a sleepover at my apartment!  SO FUN!

We made cookies and painted nails!

And fell asleep watching 13 Going On 30!

These girls could not have been more fun!  I think we'll do it again sometime soon!

Anyone else up for a sleepover?!?

Homecoming Made Me Homesick!

People who know me (even a little) generally agree that I am not a sporty girl.  I'm okay with that.  The arts suit me!

But I do enjoy watching the occasional ball game.  I think it helps me be more well-rounded, and I enjoy the excitement competition offers!  I especially love high school sports, where kids, families, and communities are invested because of the kids, their love for the game, and the hopes that they share!

However, it is vital that I point out that there is a difference in football back home and here in UT... more so than with any other sport.

There's nothing like high school football in the South!  It's king!  Everyone goes all out!  There are tailgaters, huge stadiums, packed stands... it's something I think everyone should experience!

This past Friday was Dixie High School's homecoming football game.  Bron's dad is the principal there, and we went to the game!

The cheerleaders had a fundraiser going where they were trying to raise $1000 dollars to attend a competition.  They made a deal that if they raised it by the end of the game, Larry (Bron's dad/their principal) would shave his head!  Well, they got the money for sure!  And Miss Terry (Bron's mama) did the honors!

I had so much fun at their homecoming game, but it really made me miss home... probably because it made me stop and remember the way things were!  It's funny how fast time flies!

Bottom line?

I love Peachtree City!  I love Fayette County!  And, for now at least, I even LOVE football!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brooks + Brie = Bergesons

So, last week was all full of "wuv, twu wuv," as Bron's brother, Brooks, got married to his DARLING fiance, Brie!  Lots of food!  Lots of family!  And lots of new names and faces to try to connect!!!  It was great!

The reception was held Thursday night and was a lot of fun!  High five for delicious crepes!

You remember Brooke, right?!?

This is Lauren, Bron's sister-in-law, who is from NC and is a taste of home!  LOVE having another Southern belle around!  It's the best!!!

Friday morning, Brooks and Brie got married here in the St. George temple!  It was a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful day!  SO happy for them both!

I love this picture of Bron & Brooklyn!

Aren't they a cute couple?!?

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Lots to update about!  It's been a busy week!  Last Monday was Bron's niece, Ava's, birthday!  She's five!  She and her sister, Brooklyn, came swimming at my house that afternoon!  We played in the splashpad and drank "pink potion" (a mix of pina colada and strawberry daquiri), and had a great time!

That night, we met Bron's family for some more birthday festivities at Fiesta Fun!  Here's some of our adventures:

We opened presents and ate cake!

We raced on obstacle courses (and I won, thanks to a cheating Grandpa)!

We rode go karts!

Can you tell how unexcited I am?!?

LOVE this family and LOVE having little kids around!!